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​How Do I Place An Order?


Just click on "Add To Cart" and you will be directed to the order page, 


Payment and Shipping


I accept all major credit cards.  Buyers are responsible for shipping costs which will be determined when you order your product.   All items are shipped via USPS in a standard bubble padded envelope or a box for multiple orders.  For orders with multiple items, I will try to ship them together.

Does the chain come in another color?


Yes, all necklaces have the option of the following chain colors:  Brass plated, gold plated, silver plated, and/or  black cord.  Just click on the chain option button and the color options will appear.  

What are the necklace chain sizes?

All the chain necklaces that are pictured "As Shown" are adjustable from 16 inches to 19 inches.  All necklace have the following options for chain length:  choker 14", matinee 20", opera 30", ropes 35".


Do the necklaces come in other colors?

Yes, most of the necklaces have different color options.  Simply choose the color you wish to purchase from the color options tab.

​​Returns & Refunds


If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, simply email me at:  I will pay for return shipping of the item and refund you your money back.  


Does the necklace come with a jewelry box?

You have the option of adding a black jewelry box to your order for an additional $1.80.  Go to the products page and find the box photo and simply click the "Add To Cart button".

Why does the color of the heart pendant look different in person than in the color in the product photo?


The heart pendants are made from stained glass.  Because glass is a very reflective surface, the colors can appear differently in person than in a photograph.  Also, the color is greatly affected by lighting, especially iridescent glass.  Different lighting creates different colors.

Are there other pendant designs other than the heart shape?  


I am currently working on different designs such as:  a teardrop, clouds, skulls, roses, eye balls, butterflies, and more!

Do you sell any other products?

Yes, I sell mixed media fine art pieces.  To view my artwork, go to my other website: 

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